A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Commandeered for the War Effort
Many yachts were commandeered for the war effort during World War II. The Nada III       (Ida May) was no exception. Indeed, the Nada III was considered the fastest boat on the west coast. The Nada III was used by the United States Coast Guard from July 7, 1942 until October 18, 1945 to search for enemy submarines and to deliver top secret documents. To keep with the continued tradition of celebrities and notables who were aboard the Nada III both, Donald Douglas of Douglas Aircraft and James Kimberly of Kimberly-Clark Kleenix graced the Ida May's decks during this tenuous time.
1926-1935    Willard Van Brunt
1935-1938    Stan Laurel
1938-1977    Jonah Jones, Jr.
As the Ida May was being stripped of its' old paint an amazing and thrilling discovery occured, the letters and numbers CG-45010 appeared! The Coast Guard had commandeered the vessel for World War II. What a historic find!
Jonah Jones, Jr. the third owner of the Ida May
James Kimberly (Kleenix co-founder)
Donald Douglas (Douglas Aircraft)
The Historic Ida May was built for an amazing $120,000 in 1926.
A closer view of the Coast Guard assigned number.
Laurel and his yacht in the news!!