A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Jonah Jones Jr.
Text from Long Beach Yacht Club 75th Anniversary Book
The Nada III (Ida May) in the 1940s off of beautiful Catalina Island.
Shown here are Jonah Jones (rear right passenger seat) with James Kimberly of Kimberly-Clark Kleenix fame, and Donald Douglas of Douglas Aircraft fame. Both were on the Ida May (ex-Nada III) during World War II.
Jonah Jones, Jr.
Phil Swaffield
Big Fish Anglers Bring Proof of Catch
L to R: Nada, Jonah, and Helen (Jonah's wife). Nada was Jonah's and Helen's daughter. Jonah Jones, Jr. purchase the yacht from Stan Laurel and renamed the yacht Nada III after his daughter
1926-1935    Willard Van Brunt
1935-1938    Stan Laurel
1926-1935    Willard Van Brunt
1935-1938    Stan Laurel
A Letter from Eleanor Vallee (Rudy Vallee's wife)
Jonah Jones, Jr.
The Nada III Commandeered for the War Effort
Jonah Jones, Jr. was Howard Hughes' attorney.
Click Here for an interview with a friend of Jonah's who describes how the Jones' made their fortune
Jonah Jones Jr. (1901-1976) was a revered attorney and established many of the oil laws for California. He helped found the Long Beach Yacht Club and Southern California Tuna Club. He owned substantial oil fields on Signal Hill in Southern California and was a multi-millionaire. Jones was a Commander in the Coast Guard during WWII and his yacht was commandeered for the war effort for 4 years. Many dignified individuals boarded the Nada III (Ida May) during the forty years Jones owned his yacht. Jones renamed the yacht after his daughter, Nada.

Jones was a member of the venerable and prestigious Catalina Tuna Club as were the previous two owners (Van Brunt - Industrialist, Benefactor, and former founder and President of John Deere Van Brunt and Co. and Stan Laurel (most famous comedy duo of all time, Laurel and Hardy) of the Ida May. He was good friends with Stan Laurel when he purchased the yacht from him. He was also Howard Hughes' attorney. We found hundreds of articles in the archives of L.A. Times newspapers and also in Long Beach newspapers. Jonah was a great man who loved life and the thrill of big-game fishing off his yacht.
The Nada III (previously Ida May) shown above with 3 marlins! Phil Swaffield was one of Jonah's best friends. Swaffield was also very close friends to Stan Laurel.
Jack Dempsey and Jonah Jones