A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Photos of Laurel and Hardy and Stan's boat the Ruth L.
A Letter from Our Dear Friend Lois             (Stan Laurel's daughter)
Photos of the three women the yacht was named after
Lois and her beloved father.
This website is dedicated to our dear friend, Lois Laurel-Hawes.  We thank her for all her beautiful stories, pictures, her genuine spirit and her kindness.
Stan holds his daughter, Lois, while taking a break with Ollie on a movie set  (A Perfect Day, a hilarious 1929 release).
Lois with her father on the movie set of Babes In Toyland one of Laurel and Hardy's best films
Lois and her father enjoying a nice trip to Catalina.
Stan with wife Lois, and their baby daughter Lois Laurel.
Photos of Laurel and Hardy and Stan's boat the Ruth L.
Lois, her father and mother.
A happy stroll with Dad on the set of Way Out West in 1937. This was considered Stan Laurel's favorite movie. This was a great year and a busy year professionally for Laurel. When not on set he spent all his time with his daughter and on his boat. Lois remembers many joyful times on the family yacht. Lois was 10 years old in this photo.
Lois with the family and her dogs (Lady and her pups) at ages 10 months, 18 months, and 3. These photos are in the backyard of their home in Beverly Hills, 718 North Bedford Drive.
A special thank you to our dear friend, Lois.  She is a true inspiration to us and has helped drive our passion to restore her father's beloved yacht. We feel blessed to have the pleasure to meet such a passionate and beautiful person. There has been nothing more special that has come from owning this yacht then to meet an individual as unique as Lois.

Photos herein are provided by Lois Laurel Hawe's private collection and may not be reproduced.
Lois with her dogs and toys in her backyard in Beverly Hills.
Christmas Card from Lois Laurel (2006).
Lois on the "Way Out West" set with her father while sitting on Dinah the Donkey.
Lois at 19 years of age.
Baby Lois on the movie set with Dad