Stan Laurel's Memorabilia
I would say Stan and Steve are both grinning with pleasure about the return of the clock.
Below are personal items of Stan Laurels received on September 27, 2006 from Captain Carl Fismer. They are being opened for the first time. An amazing collection of items later to be returned to Lois Laurel Hawes (Stan Laurel's daughter).
We simply cannot believe that the clock is back. Our expressions are subdued because we are simply overwhelmed. What great luck and a remarkable discovery and story!
The clock is in pristine condition with a beautiful patina showing its age. One of the spokes at 2 o'clock is bent at ~ 15 degrees. Probably occurred when Stan Laurel may have accidentally dropped it. We could carefully bend it back but we like it the way it is. The clock is quite heavy and is 80 years old. It is well known that this was one of Laurel's prized possessions. Laurel would wind up his old clock (no batteries) every week religiously for over 30 years and it would chime every hour. This was his trusty clock that reminded him of his favorite pastime, fishing, and his only boat, the Ruth L. (Ida May).
This original stamp was probably used to be able to help quickly sign his fan mail. Stan was known to respond back to all his fans.
Stan at his Oceana Apartment in Santa Monica. Note the clock behind Stan's typewriter. The small photo to the right is the deck towards the Pacific Ocean just a few steps to the right of where Laurel is seated.
A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht