A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Previously Ruth L. and Nada III
Many celebrities, writers, directors and dignitaries have fished and cruised on the Ida May. Some of which include Ernest Hemmingway, President Herbert Hoover, Bing Crosby, Howard Hughes, Mae West, Zazu Pitts (famous silent film actress in the early 1900s - Olive Oyl's voice from Popeye was a caracture of Pitts voice), Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., Gloria Swanson, Charlie Chase (actor, comedian, and director of The Three Stooges), Dick Van Dyke, Jimmy Parrot (actor, comedian), Hal Roach (director of Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, and the Little Rascals), Cecille Demille (director of Ten Commandments and Cleopatra), Babe Ruth, Zane Grey, Liberace, Rudy Vallee (famous crooner), James Finalyson (comedian), Prince of Kuwait, Jack Dempsey, Donald Douglas (Douglas Aircraft), James Kimberly (Kleenix founder) and of course Oliver Hardy. Many of these illustrious individual were members of the Catalina Tuna Club.
Photos of Laurel and Hardy and Ruth Laurel 
Ida May in the Media!
Letter from Lois Laurel (Stan Laurel's daughter)
Howard Hughes. Jones the third owner of the Nada III (Ida May) was Hughes' attorney.
Joseph Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy clan. Stan Laurel was a close friend of the Kennedys.
Ernest Hemmingway with Helen and Michael Lerner. Hemmingway enjoyed fishing off the Ida May with Willard Van Brunt, the first owner.
Zane Grey (famous western writer and fisherman, a seven time world record holder of largest fish caught - Marlin, Swordfish, Tiger Shark). Grey spent time on the Ida May with Van Brunt.
Laurel and Hardy with Hal Roach (Director of
Laurel and Hardy films and The Little Rascals)
Donald Douglas of Douglas Aircraft was aboart the Nada III (Ida May) during World War II with Jonah Jones, Jr patrolling the waters off of Catalina Island.
James Finalyson (comedian)
was in many Laurel and Hardy films
Hal Roach
Oliver Hardy
Zazu Pitts (famous actress in silent movie era) Not as successful in the 'talkies' because her voice was quite nasally. As a matter of fact Olive Oyl's (Popeye) voice was a caracture of Pitts voice.

Dick Van Dyke, was once interested in purchasing Stan Laurel's yacht. He read the eulogy at Stan Laurel's funeral and credited his career to Stan. Where do you think he got that smile from?
Rudy Vallee (crooner). A friend of Jones and spent time on the yacht in the 50s. Click here to read a letter from his wife.
Charlie Chase a comedian and director of The Three Stooges was a good friend of Stan Laurel. Click here to see photos with Stan and Charlie next to a fish they caught off the Ida May.
Stan Laurel.
Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) gets a physical from Stan and Babe. Yes, even Tarzan was on the Ida May.
The Ida May, the Fastest Boat on the West Coast is Commandeered for the War Effort
W.C. Fields
Bing Crosby
Mae West
Fred Quimby (Tom and Jerry Cartoon Creator)
Click here to see photos with Stan and Fred sitting on top the Ida May.
Gloria Swanson (Actress)
Babe Ruth (Baseball Legend)
Cecil Demille (Director of The Ten Commandments and Cleopatra)
Stan Laurel was Charlie Chaplin's understudy when they both came to the U.S. from England (Fred Karno's Troupe). There is a story that Chaplin and Laurel were roommates in a boarding house in which cooking was not allowed. To coverup the sound, Charlie would play the violin while Stan would fry up some eggs. Click here to read a passage about their meeting on Catalina Island on their respective yachts.
Oliver Hardy, Phillip Wrigley, and Stan Laurel on a golfing outing on Catalina Island. Wrigley was the owner of the Chicago Cubs from 1932-1977 and owned the largest chewing gum company in the world. He also owned a significant portion of Catalina Island.
President Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States (1929-1932) fished on the Ida May with Willard Van Brunt on August 16, 1927 while on a west coast trip when he while he was Secretary of Commerce.
President Herbert Hoover fishes on the Ida May!
Jack Dempsey was one of the most popular heavyweight boxers of all time. Dempsey was a Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard and was on the Ida May with Jonah Jones, Jr.
The Prince of Kuwait.
The Lore of the Tuna Club Pins - Learn how the first three owners of the Ida May: Van Brunt, Laurel, and Jones obtained these Pins
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Stan Laurel and his yacht the Ruth L. in the news!
Click here to hear a wonderful interview with Van Dyke about his childhood hero Stan Laurel.
(go to 3 min 15 secs of the interview)