The Ida May's first three owners were the most extraordinary and intriguing. Learn more about them by clicking below.
A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

1926-1935  Willard Van Brunt          1935-1938 Stan Laurel          1938-1977 Jonah Jones, Jr.
                     (b.1847-1935)                                (b.1890-1965)                             (b. 1901-1976)

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Photos above are fish caught off the Ida May. A confirmed 197 fish totaling 6,804.5 lbs were caught by the first three illustrious owners (Van Brunt, Laurel, and Jones) of the Ida May. This was meticulously compiled looking at the private catch records of the Catalina Tuna Club, published newspaper articles from the Los Angeles Times and Long Beach Telegram, and the personal Log Book of Jonah Jones Jr. (3rd owner of the Ida May). In fact many hundreds of fish and many many thousands more pounds of fish were caught off the Ida May but only the significant catches were listed or published. Note these confirmed counts are actual published reports of fish caught off the Ida May. The catch records off the Ida May is likely the best documented history of fish caught off a private sportfisher in the early years of American sportfishing history. Indeed the Ida May is a fine example of one of the oldest sportfishers in existence today.
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