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A Letter from Lois Laurel (Stan Laurel's daughter)
The Most Famous Comedy Duo: Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy were the best of friends off the silverscreen. Lois (Laurel's daughter) said, "they were closer than brothers." Lois said that she had two fathers. Oliver Hardy who never had any children of his own was a second father to her. When Hardy passed Stan said he would never make another film again. He kept this promise.
Photos herein are provided by Lois Laurel's private collection and may not be reproduced without permission.
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Laurel and Hardy were famous in many other countries. No other comedy duo has ever matched their fame worldwide. Below is a list of Laurel and Hardy in other languages.

Albanian Olio me Stelion
Arabic El Tikhin Ouel Roufain
Danish Gøg og Gokke
Dutch De Dikke en de Dunne (The Fat One and the Thin One)
Finnish Ohukainen ja Paksukainen (Skinny and Fatty)
French Laurel et Hardy
Galician Laurel e Hardy, O gordo e o fraco (The Fat One and the Thin One)
German Laurel und Hardy, Stan und Ollie, Dick und Doof (Fat and Dumb)
Greek Χονδρός και Λιγνός Chondros kai Lighnos (The Fat One and the Thin One)
Hebrew Hashamen ve Haraze
Hungarian Stan és Pan
Icelandic Steini og Olli
Italian Stanlio e Ollio
Korean (Holjjugi wa Ddungddungi) (The Skinny One and the Fat One)
Kurdish Laurel û Hardy
Maltese L-Ohxon u l-Irqiq (The Fat One and the Thin One)
Norwegian Helan og Halvan (The Whole and the Half)
Polish Flip i Flap
Portuguese (in Brazil) O Gordo e o Magro (The Fat One and the Thin One)
Portuguese (in Portugal) Bucha e Estica (Chubby and Stretch)
Romanian Stan şi Bran
Serbian Stanlio i Olio, Станлио и Олио
Spanish El Gordo y el Flaco (The Fat One and the Thin One)
Swedish Helan och Halvan (The Whole and the Half)
Turkish Lorel ile Hardi