A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Photos of Ida, Ruth, and Nada
And The Yacht Named After Them
Ida M. Van Brunt, 1879.
Ruth Laurel, 1928
Nada Young, 1945
The Ida May was originally named after Ida M. Van Brunt, Willard Van Brunt's sister. In 1935, Stan Laurel renamed the yacht, the Ruth L. after his wife Ruth. Jonah Jones purchased the yacht from Stan Laurel and renamed her the Nada III after his daughter Nada. In 2005, 80 years later her name was appropriately changed back to the Ida May.
  The Ida May  The Ruth L.The Nada III
The Ruth L.
The Nada III
1926-1935    Willard Van Brunt
1935-1938    Stan Laurel
1938-1977    Jonah Jones, Jr.
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See the Ruth L. (Ida May) mentioned in textbooks about Laurel and Hardy
The Ida May
Photos of Laurel and Hardy and Stan's boat the Ruth L.
Photos of Laurel and Hardy and Stan's boat the Ruth L.
Nada, Helen, and Jonah Jones.
Stan and Ruth
Jonah Jones Jr. had the yacht completely fiberglassed and had the flybridge built with portholes placed in the main salon. The Ida May has been returned to the original beveled glass windows and all fiberglass has been meticulously removed. Credit for this goes to Paul Arnold, a previous owner of the Ida May. Most of the aforementioned restoration work began in 1989.
Ruth Laurel was a model in her earlier years.
Ruth Laurel (Stan Laurel's wife)