A Classic Wooden Sportfisher Yacht

Photos of Laurel and Hardy, Ruth Laurel, and their yacht the Ruth L.(Ida May)
Here is Ruth Laurel (Stan Laurel's wife), posing and looking dapper on their yacht the Ruth L. (Ida May)
Laurel and Hardy sure need that gaff for this "whale" of a fish.
Ruth sitting in one of the fighting chairs on the Ruth L.
A happy Stan Laurel gives us his classic smile after catching a striped marlin off his yacht the Ruth L. in 1936
Looks like Stan and Ollie are having a fine time.
Ruth catches a keeper with Stan looking on!
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy on a nice stroll down Avalon, Catalina Pier.
The Ruth L. out in San Pedro Harbor on a trip to Catalina.
Laurel catches a handful of fish!
Fred Quimby (Tom & Jerry Creator), Dorothy Hope (Writer), Ruth Laurel, and Stan Laurel on top of the main cabin of the Ruth L. off of Catalina Island.
Stan Laurel with actor/comedian Jimmy Parrot after catching a line of fish off the Ruth L.
Laurel and Hardy with P.K. Wrigley of Wrigley Gum Fame on a golfing trip on Catalina Island.
Laurel, Hardy, Jan Garber, and P.K. Wrigley take time to pose for a photo while on the Catalina Golf Course
Laurel and Hardy
Stan catches a 258 lb. marlin and gets the coveted Tuna Club gold button for his catch! See the original certificate below. Click here to learn more about the Tuna Club buttons.
L To R: Cleo Ridgely Horne (actress), Ruth and Stan Laurel, June Horne, and Director James Horne enjoying a fine dinner at the St. Catherine Hotel on Catalina Island.
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Dorothy Hope, Stan Laurel, and Ruth Laurel sitting on the gunwale of the Ruth L.
Laurel holding an 'umbrella line' used for catching multiple fish. Note the wake behind Stan the Ruth L. is underway cruising at 20 knots.

More Photos of Laurel and Hardy
Laurel (far right seated) with friends and all the fish they caught. Captain Chester Mills is the chap in the middle standing with the captains hat and bow tie. cs
Stan on the Ruth L. with a broken fishing pole
Ruth (seated) and the boys on a movie set.
Ruth and Stan posing next to their Marlin! The Ruth L. is quietly docked to the rear of Stan. jw
Stan sitting on the fighting chairs with Dorothy Hope (Writer from England) at the stern of the Ruth Lcs
Stan (seated far right), Ruth (woman in the center), Captain Chester Mills (tall chap standing) and friends on the Ruth L.
Laurel and Hardy on their way to Catalina! Tally Ho!  ls
We would like to send a special thank you to Cliff Sawyer, Jeffrey Weissman (see below), and Lucy Southward for a some of the photos that you are enjoying on this page.

Photos herein are provided by Lois Laurel's private collection and may not be reproduced without prior written consent.

Jeffrey Weissman and Bevis Faversham in their tribute to Laurel & Hardy, are rated the foremost impersonators of "the boys" in the world. They have delighted tens of thousands internationally. Approved by the licensers, the Sons of the Desert, they have been the best Laurel and Hardy team at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Jeffrey who plays Stan, is best remembered as the father of Michael J Fox, George McFly, in Back To The Future 2 & 3. He is an accomplished actor. We would like to thank Jeffrey for providing photos from his Laurel and Hardy Photo Collection. Click here to see Jeffrey and Bevis impersonate Laurel and Hardy. 

The boys with their wives.
Laurel and Hardy on a scene at Saps at Sea
Stan and Ollie enjoying a nice lunch after a fine fishing trip to Catalina off the Ruth L. Stan used to joke that when Hardy was on the yacht no one could see it because all you could see was Babe (Oliver Hardy).
The Ruth L. must be out for some bottom paint.
circa 1930: Comedy stars Oliver Hardy (1892 - 1957) and on right Stan Laurel (1890 - 1965) with Marlin they have caught while big game fishing. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)
Looks like Stan and Ollie caught a tuna (A flag is hoisted to let everyone know that a tuna has been caught!) ls
Laurel and Hardy have no luck catching fish today.
(Catalina Island, 1937) ls
Laurel and Hardy enjoying each others company on a fishing trip to Catalina. ls
Oliver Hardy, Myrtle Hardy, Ruth Laurel and Stan Laurel enjoying a day at the pier on Catalina Island. The Ruth L. got them there! ls
Is this it? ls
Stan and Ruth on a nice stroll on Catalina Island Pier.
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Stan and Ruth Laurel standing next to the 171 lb. marlin caught on their launch the Ruth L. on August 15, 1935 in 45 minutes. This well planned photo shows the Ruth L. comfortably between Stan's left shoulder and the marlin. 
A photo of the harbor in Avalon at Catalina Island in 1936. This is what Laurel and Hardy would have seen when coming into the harbor. The Ida May would have been moored at the far left of this photo.
An amazing photo of the Ruth L. taken by Stan Laurel with his trusty camera. What makes this photo more interesting is that Ruth Laurel proudly wrote in red, "My Ruth L."
Here's Ruth reading at the starboard stern. The Ruth L. is moored at San Pedro just before launching off to Catalina Island. 1936.
Back side of photo to the left.